Film / Television



• Breach of Contract, Profit Participation Claims, Violation of the Rights of Privacy and Publicity Defamation, Disputes with Entertainment Guilds, Accounting Claims, Disputes with Talent Agents and Managers; Unfair Competition

• Copyright Infringement, Joint Copyright Ownership, Contributory Infringement, Fair Use, Independent Creation, Royalty Payments, Sample Clearance, Management Agreement Disputes, Digital Millenium Copyright Act

• Intellectual Property Claims, Rights of Publicity, Theater Disputes, Photography Disputes, Trade Dress and Copyright Infringement, Advertising Compliance, Licensing Disputes, Trademark Registration and Enforcement, Derivative Works







Video Games


• Trademark Registration, Strategic Enforcement, Trademark Infringement, Trade Dress, Servicemark, False Advertising, Counterfeiting, Gray Market, Unfair Competition, Anti-Trust, Proceedings with the ITC, Trademark Trial and Appeal

• Software Licensing Disputes, Development Agreements, Product Distribution, Profit Participation, Endorsement Agreement Disputes, Technology Outsourcing, Publicity Rights, Publishing Agreement Disputes

• Copyright Infringement, Internet Defamation, Cybersquatting, Domain Rights, Website Agreement Dipsutes, Domain Theft, Internet Trademark, Content Licensing Disputes, Internet Fraud, First Amendment Rights



Arts & Entertainment

James H. Freeman, Esq. is an experienced civil litigator based in New York City who focuses on resolving disputes and litigating claims in the arts, entertainment, digital media and music industries. James takes a “new school” approach to resolving conflicts in the entertainment business through efficient, value-based litigation, arbitration and mediation targeted to achieve positive, winning results.

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